A Documentary About Tanzania's Right to Self-Determination Regarding the Serengeti National Park and All Other Natural Rescources

Posted October 12th 2014 by: Bob House

There have been many articles written about the proposed Serengeti Highway and the affects it will have on the Serengeti National Park by conservationists and environmentalists around the world. However, very few, if any, have expressed the opinions and desires of the Tanzanians themselves. Here are just five preview clips from a documentary that deals with the right of the Tanzanian people to decide how to manage conservation and environmental issues facing the Serengeti National Park and all the other national parks and protected areas located within the boundaries of their country. All the interviewees appearing in this documentary are Tanzanians who have a deep concern and desire to see the Serengeti National Park and other parks and protected areas be preserved for future generations while at the same time incorporating ways to improve the economic well-being of all Tanzanians.

Zebras Serengeti

Nayhongo Clip 1

Janemary Clip 1 -

Wild Dog Project

Robert Clip 1

Angela and Gambay Clip 2


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Editing A Documentary About The Serengeti National Park And A Proposed Highway...Getting it just right

Posted October 10th 2014 by: Bob House

We've been working on this documentary about the preservation of the Serengeti National Park, the proposed Serengeti Highway, and the Tanzanian's right to self-determination regarding the Serengeti National Park and all the other national parks and protected areas within Tanzania.

During our session the other night we needed to rerecord a couple portions of the narration. You know writing and producing radio commercials, videos, and TV spots was always easy. It was a simple matter of writing, them, hiring the talent, and directing  the talent on how to act or say the words. And I always got to do it from the relative security of being on the other side of the window in the studio or hiding behind the camera. As for me, I tend to freeze in front of the camera and hate the sound of my voice through the headphones while trying to make the words sound like they did in my head when I was writing them.

I've added a couple of clips from the other night. They speak for themselves.

Clip4 Brad working his magic - Medium Clip5 Bob recording - Medium

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Progress Report on Our Documentary About the Serengeti National Park, the Serengeti Highway, and the Right of Tanzanian's to Decide Conservation and Environmental Issues Within Their Own Country

Posted October 05th 2014 by: Bob House

Both Brad and I are excited to see how our documentary about the Serengeti National Park, the proposed Serengeti Highway, and the right of Tanzanian's to determine how to deal with conservation and environmental issues within their own country is beginning to take shape. It is a long process, transcribing the interviews then picking just the right section of an interview to help advance the story, that takes a lot of time. I've attached three different clips to give you an idea of what we are doing.

Clip #1 is Joseph Gambay. As you watch this clip take note of the two screens. The one on the left reflects how dark it was when we actually recorded the session with Joseph. The screen on the right, the one playing, shows how Brad was able to lighten while editing.

#1 Joseph Gambay - Small

Clip #2 shows three of the people we interviewed discussing the Serengeti road project.

#2 Road - Small

And clip #3 shows three of Tanzanians future researchers who will work to help protect the precious ecosystems located throughout Tanzania making certain that generations to come will be able to visit and enjoy all they hold.

#3 Future Researchers - Small

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